Windows Tools & Utilities

This is one of the informative website to provide you the usage of various commands, Freeware utilities which requires in daily use to manage and operate Windows OS locally and remotely.

You would love to explore more commands and utilities which can be useful in the environment where you are working, Freeware GUI tools are created for those who are not familiar with DOS commands can run these tools & utilities.

Tools & Utilities were developed in the manner so that it doesn’t require to install in any OS. You can download and run the tools with the instruction provided on the page with screenshot.

You would find VB scripting code & Power shell scripting code to work in remote computer and to use wherever it is required some common utilities are available like Inventory Creator, Display Hotfixes, Patches & service pack installed of Local/Remote computers, Display a list of running process of Local/Remote computers, Display a list of services of Local/Remote computers etc…