Chkntfs command to display a scheduled of automatic system checking

CHKNTFS modifies the behavior of the Autochk program, run at boot-time, to prevent CHKDSK from running automatically if Windows automatically schedules it, Displays whether automatic system checking is scheduled to be run on a FAT, FAT32, or NTFS volume when the computer is started. This utility works with ChkDsk to ensure your system remains problem free and sets up your drive to use chkdsk during the boot process , rather than after windows has booted, to ensure utility can gain full access to the drive.


chkntfs drive:
chkntfs /d

Drive: Specifies the drive letter, Displays a message that identifies the file system of the specified volume.
/d Restores all chkntfs default settings, except the countdown time for automatic file checking. Default behavior is to check all volumes when the computer is started.
/t [:time ] Changes the Autochk.exe initiation countdown time (in seconds). If you do not specify time, /t option displays the current countdown time
/x drive: Excludes the specified drive from being checked when the computer starts.
/c drive: Schedules the specified drive to be checked when the computer starts.

You must be a member of the Administrators group, to run chkntfs. You can set the Autochk.exe countdown time to zero.


Command to display the Autochk.exe initiation countdown time.
chkntfs /t

Command to change the countdown time to 20 seconds.
chkntfs /t:20

Command to exclude both drives D: and E:
chkntfs /x D: E:

Command to Schedules the specified drive
chkntfs /c d: