Cluster Services on the passive node is offline


Cluster Services on the passive node is offline and is not starting. service is failing with a error code 1067.

Event ID’s 1209, 118, and 1009 are generated in System Event log.

Event 1009 is generated because of  Cluster service could not join an existing server cluster and could not form a new server cluster. Cluster service has terminated.
Event 118 shows The driver for device \Device\RaidPort3 performed a bus reset upon request.
Event 1209 shows Cluster service is requesting a bus reset for device \Device\ClusDisk.

This means that the server is having an authentication issue with the active server in the cluster.


Step 1:
Open registry editor through command regedit.exe

Step 2:
Go to this location at HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\LSA


Step 3:
Change the value for “lmcompatibilitylevel” from “0” to a decimal number of “2

Step 4:
Go to services.msc and start the CLUSTER service. Reboot is not required.

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