List Installed Software

Installed Software, A Command line tool is available now to display a list of installed software in your local machine as well as for your remote machine with the /RS: (Remote System Name/IP) option, there are other command line switches available, which can be use for filtering the data. Output of command can be store in Text or CSV format default output will be shown to the command prompt window.

installed software
Display Installed software

This command is useful to gather data of your local and remote machine to create a report of installed software in your domain network. This report contains four fields (Display Name, Install date, Version, and Estimated size)

How to use: Download compressed file and extract it to folder, Run executable file from extracted folder to save a command. Open command prompt go to destination path to run the command.

Switch Available:
/O: File will be saved in text format
/OC: File will be saved in CSV Format
/RS: Remote Host IP (x.x.x.x) or Remote Host Name
/N: Filter data by specific name.
/E: Exclude text

c:\>Listsoftware /e: update
Above command will list all installed software and exclude those have keyword “update” in the name.

ListSoftware (225.4 KiB)

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