List Local Users

Command line Local Users, A command is available to show a list of users created in local machine and for remote machine in the same domain network, for remote machine there is a command line switch need to use /RS: (Remote System Name / IP Address). There are other command line switches available to filter the data for example below command will extract users which are currently disabled in your local machine.
Command: Listusers /d

This command line tools is basically use to find out the local users created in your or your network machines through (Computer Management MMC / Net User command etc…). These users are not a part of Active directory users list.
Example for remote machine:  Listusers /rs:( IP Address / Name)

How to use this command: Download exe and extract it to one folder. Open command prompt and go to folder (Location) where the file has been extracted run the command to get a list of local users.

Switch Available:
/RS: Remote Host IP (x.x.x.x) or Remote Host Name
/O: File will be saved in text format
/OC: File will be saved in CSV Format
/N: Filter by name
/E: Enabled users only
/D: Disabled users only

C:\>ListUsers /n:admin /oc:c:\temp\abc.csv
Output of command contains these fields (User Name, Account Status, User SID).

ListUsers (224.0 KiB)

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