List Windows Process

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Windows processor usage command line tool, this tool doesn’t require any installation it will provide you a list of processor usage by each windows process of local host and for remote host of same domain network, for remote machine there is a command line switch need to use /RS: (Remote System Name / IP Address). There are other command line switches available to filter data as desired by you.

Windows Process
Processor Usage

How to use: Download compressed file and extract it to folder, Run executable file and give destination path to save a command. Open command prompt go to destination path  and run the command.

Command: Listprocess /rs:(IP Address / Name)

Switch Available:

/RS: Remote Host IP (X. X. X. X) or Remote Host Name
/O: File will be saved in text format
/OC: File will be saved in CSV Format
/N: Process Name can be filtered
Suppose you want to list running process contain word “task” in the name then below command will show only those process containing word “task” in the name i.e (taskhost.exe, taskmgr.exe etc…)

C:\>ListProcess /N: task
Output of command contains fields (Date/Time, System Name, Process Name, and Processor Time)

ListProcess (224.8 KiB)

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