Move command

Move command to move one or more Files and Directory

Move command is functionality equivalent to copying a file or directory and erasing it from the current directory.


Move Source Destination


/y     Will not prompt you weather to overwrite an existing destination file.
/-y    Prompts you to confirm to overwrite an existing destination file.
Source     Specifies the path and name of the file or folder. 
Destination  Specifies the path and name to move files or folder.


  • Using the /y command-line option
    The /y command-line option might be preset in the COPYCMD environment variable. You can override this with /-y on the command line. The default is to prompt on overwrite.
  • Moving encrypted files to a volume that does not support Encrypting File System (EFS) will give an error. Decrypt the files first or move the files to a volume that does support EFS.

Both Source and Target may be either a folder or a single file.


In the current folder
Move source_file.doc destination_file.doc

Move from a different folder/directory:
MOVE “C:\home\file1.doc” “D:\work\file2.doc” (Renamed file at destination)
MOVE “C:\home\file1.doc” “D:\work\file1.doc”

Specify the source only, with a wildcard will Move all the files into the current directory:
MOVE “C:\home\*.doc”