Create Network Inventory

Create Network Inventory – A Network Inventory Command

A command line & GUI based tool is available to create network inventory, This tool will use windows management instrumentation classes to collect data of your network computer/servers and then put that data in proper format to an excel sheet in case excel application is not installed in the system from where you are running this tool then a csv file will be created and saved automatically to the current folder.


Note: A servers.txt file is required in the same folder from where this tool will execute. This file should  have name or ip address of those servers whose inventory you want to create. IP Address or Name should be in separate line.

Servers.txt file should have below format.

This tool doesn’t require any installation in your network, and works without any agent installed in your network or remote server, you should have local admin access of remote servers or domain admin permission to get data of your network hardware.

Administrators and help desk staff in your company will be able to manage all your assets in Excel spread sheet.

Network Inventory Creator

Network Inventory Creator

This tool will collect below data which is required by administrator to manage office assets


Computer Name: Serial Number: Processor:
Speed: Processor No.: Operating System:
Service Pack: Product ID: Physical Memory
Virtual Memory Page File Device ID
File System Disk Size Free Space
Used Space Network Card MAC Address
IP Address Subnet Mask Default Gateway
DNS Address

We have other tools available on Tools & Utilities page, which you can use to collect more data of your remote computer/server example Installed Software, Installed HotFixes, Stopped/Running Services and running Process. You are most welcome to provide your inputs or feedback to increase more fields in inventory creation tool.

Command Based

InventoryCreator (248.6 KiB)

GUI Tool

List Inventory (40.0 KiB)