Dell Drac CLI


Here are some useful commands while working on Dell DRAC, these commands sometimes required to view or diagnosing Dell Remote Assistant Card (DRAC).

Command Description
arp display ARP table
clearasrscreen clear the last ASR (crash) screen
clrraclog clear the RAC log
clrsel clear the System Event Log (SEL)
config modify RAC configuration properties
coredump display the last RAC coredump
coredumpdelete delete the last RAC coredump
fwupdate update the RAC firmware
getconfig display RAC configuration properties
getniccfg display current network settings
getraclog display the RAC log
getractime display the current RAC time
getsel display records from the System Event Log (SEL)
getssninfo display session information
getsvctag display service tag information
getsysinfo display general RAC and system information
gettracelog display the RAC diagnostic trace log
ifconfig display network interface information
netstat display routing table and network statistics
ping send ICMP echo packets on the network
racdump display RAC diagnostic information
racreset perform a RAC reset operation
racresetcfg restore the RAC configuration to its factory defaults
serveraction perform system power management operations
setniccfg modify network configuration properties
sslcertview view SSL certificate information
sslcsrgen generate a certificate CSR from the RAC
testemail test RAC e-mail notifications
testtrap test RAC SNMP trap notifications
version display the version info of RACADM
vmdisconnect disconnect virtual media connections
vmkey perform virtual media key operations
usercertview view user certificate information
racadm setniccfg -s <ipAddress> <netmask> <gateway> command to set ip address