View Installed Hotfix of Remote Computer

View Installed Hotfix of Remote Computer

Are you looking for a GUI (Graphic user Interface) tool to display installed hotfix of local and remote computer? then you are at the right place. you don’t need to install this application, just download it and run the application

Here is a tool to list all installed hotfix of local as well as remote computer which can be use for different purposes i.e to compare two computers patches or to validate if patch is installed in a list of computers.

Step 1. Create a file having computers name or IP addresses and save it somewhere on your desktop.


Load_Computer_ListStep 2. Open this utility and click on load computer list, this will ask for a file location which you have created on your desktop in step no.1

Step 3. All computers shall be listed after reading from file, Make sure all computers are listed properly.

A status can be seen in the group, Count which shows total number of computers listed, Processed shows how many computers have been completed and Running shows the current computer from where the information is collecting.

Remote_AccessStep 4. if you are running this tool from domain admin account then you don’t need to put remote credentials, This only required when your current login credentials are different than the remote computer credentials.

Start_Collecting_dataStep 5. Click on start button to collect (Patch,Update, Hotfix & SP) info.

A list will be prepared with computer name, hotfix id, Installed by and installed on date as shown in below figure, you may sort this list by just clicking on the header name.


Export_CSVStep 6. Above list can be exported in CSV format in case of filtering data in excel sheet.

Note: This tool require a .Net Framework 2.0 on the same computer.

List HotFix (38.5 KiB)