Windows commands which are available in Windows Operating System.

All Windows commands details updated here to know the work of each command in windows with example.

AddUser Add/delete/list users through command line.
ADmodcmd Bulk changes to the active directory settings.
Arp Display ARP(Address Resolution Protocol) table.
Assoc Display or change the association between a file extension.
Associate Create, Modify or Display association between File extension and command type.
AT Schedules commands and programs in local or remote computer
Bcdboot Copy critical boot files to the system partition
Bootcfg Configures, queries, or changes Boot.ini file settings.
Cacls Modify ACL rights on files and folders for users and groups
Chkdsk Display a status report of Disk and Repairs Disk problems.
Chkntfs Displays whether automatic system checking is scheduled.
Comp Compare the file contents byte by byte.
compact Compress file/directories in NTFS partition.
Copy Copies one or more files from one location to another.
Csvde Imports and exports data from Active Directory Domain Services.
DiskPart command to manage Disks.
Findstr Searches for patterns of text in files.
Icacls Save/Restore ACL, Change Modify permissions to file/directories
More Display output page wise.
MountVol MountVol utility helps you to create, delete and list mount points.
Move Moves one or more files from one directory to another.
Nslookup Display A,CNAME,MX,NS,PTR,SOA,SRV etc… Records.
Schtasks A command to schedule a task or program to be execute on specified time
Path Sets the command path in the PATH environment variable.
Tasklist Displays a list of running processes on local or remote machine